Thursday, April 9, 2020


This week, so far, has felt much more "normal". The fear/stress is abating (probably because I am greatly limiting my social media and news time!). The kids are on spring break so we aren't supervising any educational activities---which has made the day MUCH more peaceful. Trying to encourage (i.e. nag) the kids to do their writing assignments nearly did me in. And the weather has been SO LOVELY, it was literally exuding peacefulness into my soul with the sunshine and warmth. On the work front, I've had light clinical work---5-7 patients on M/W/F which leaves some time to catch up on some writing/admin tasks. 

Today it is rainy and we have a cold front coming in---which is going to last for at least a week. And I'll be standing in the rain/wind for at least an hour to pick up the laptops from the school so we can start "online instruction" next week. And I have VERY FULL telehealth days pretty much every day next week (TWELVE scheduled on Wednesday, OMG). So I'm fully prepared for next week to be much more challenging on every front. 

But what is life other than continuous ups and downs. All we can do is enjoy the ups and try to stay sane through the downs, right? 


  1. Good luck with the pickup, etc. I also have requested a laptop/iPad for Tiny Boy, as our home computer died and I only have my 'work' devices. His Kindle isn't really usable for school work. We could make do, but it's less than ideal, and they didn't seem to indicate a shortage.

  2. So glad this week has been better, and go outside now! It’s sunny and warm and won’t be again for another week! It’s interesting to me how peaceful things feel when I’m away from the hospital for a few days. It’s easy to forget how much danger we are all in. All I want to do right now is take a nap.