Friday, August 16, 2013

If you don't like it, change it

I went into last weekend trying to change my mindset, to notice the good things and not dwell on the bad. This weekend I'm adding on my other tactic to dealing with the not-so-wonderful in life. Not just changing my reactions, but changing my actions.

I was going to go to my bookclub meeting. Sometimes these are fun, sometimes they are boring or worse, draining. They occur at an inconvenient time (2pm) and involve schlepping somewhere (usually 30 minute commute) for an hour or so of conversation, which, depending on the attendees ranges from amazing to...yawn-fest. The list of attendees geared more yawn-fest, so I changed my rsvp to no. Instead I'll go get my eyebrows done, maybe a pedicure too? (since I'd already planned that time away from home).

I was going to go to a local event with G and the kids. When I mentioned it to G, he seemed less than enthused. So I'm taking a friend instead, for company and to help with the kids. I'm really excited about this. And he gets some time alone, which will hopefully help his attitude (after last weekends "talk" he was feeling better for a bit but seems to have re-entered the slump after several admittedly terrible set-backs this week).

While cooking last weekend was kind of fun, it was also tiring, and the resulting fight re: clean-up was definitely on the do-not-repeat list. So...we are simplifying meals. We've got leftover pizza, hot dogs, etc.. for the boys and G & I will have pasta if we don't feel up to the kiddie menu fare.

So to summarize: say no to commitments that don't make me 100% happy, hang out with friends, and simplify.

I'll update on Monday.


  1. Yay! We don't do book clubs at grumpy rumblings... too much like work.

  2. Good for you for doing what you need to do to be happy (I love the idea of getting your nails done instead of going to a grumbly book club). I also love that you are going to the event with a friend instead of G. Good for you! Saying no, simplifying and hanging out with friends are great commitments! I hope this weekend is a good one.

  3. BRAVA! *claps loudly* Really impressive decision making, I think. Particularly the "screw you, grouchy partner, I'mma make this FUN for ME!"