Tuesday, August 6, 2013

These days...

  • B is developing a real sense of humor. Nothing delights me more than seeing his eyes shine as mouth try not to grin as he gleefully relates his made-up jokes. 
  • The weather is sheer perfection. 77 degrees, blue skies, light breeze. G & I took a half-day yesterday to enjoy it. Because we have been around enough to know it won't last (rain begins tonight).
  • L is still obsessed with belly buttons. BUTTEEEE he screeches as he pulls up my shirt to reveal said buttee and burrows his face in my belly. Weird kid. 
  • I am exercising again. Everything always feels a bit more in control when I'm working out regularly. Even if its just an illusion of control, I'll take it. 
  • L and Doggy are developing a real friendship. He hugs her good morning & good night every day and burrows his face into her middle (sense a pattern? he's a snuggler). If only he'd learn not to pull her tail, they'd get along perfectly.
  • I've noticed sparks of interest in cooking new (non-utalitarian) foods again. We ate some delicious Maylasian food recently and I'm dreaming and researching the re-creation of the meal.
  • B continues to love being sous-chef in the kitchen. Even if he has no interest in eating the end product (seasoned baked tofu squares was the latest), he is over-the-moon excited at being asked to stir, shake spices, arrange pieces, spoon things from one bowl to the next. Will he be cooking us dinner in 5 years, or will it fade away with the typically toddler "helpfulness" phase?
  • I am simultaneously exhausted, exhilarated, frustrated, full, lonely, focused connected, scattered, peaceful, overwhelmed, and a million other emotions. 
  • I think this is life. 


  1. I like this post. It makes me smile. I love hearing about L's budding friendship with your dog. I hope we can get a dog in the 2-3 years. I loved growing up with one. I hope you can keep the exercise up. I also feel so much better when I'm exercising.

  2. We've trained our cat so that she gets a treat every time she suffers indignities and doesn't hurt the baby. Unfortunately this has caused her to be far less likely to run away from the baby.

  3. Excellent stuff! The fact that you are feeling inspired to maybe cook something interesting is VERY EXCITING, because that tends to mean a tiny bit of extra ENERGY! It sounds like a lot of lovely stuff.

  4. Yes, I do believe this is life, normal, full, loveable, detestable life. :-)
    It is wise to see the good and the bad in life.