Thursday, August 22, 2013

Superficial Musings

"A Wrinkle in Time" could make a great movie.

Also, need to re-read all of Madeline L'Engle. For the fourth time. I also notice there are newer books I never found at my childhood library.

"Nude" colored stuff, like underwear, lipstick, and bandages, are made exclusively for white people.

Is it rude for me, as a non-white person, to say "white people"?

There should be an app for books that uses a Netflix-style algorithm to suggest books to you.

I've recently found that having a drink before 4pm means the rest of the day is going to be painful. Bye bye brunch mimosa and bloody mary.

If the children are fighting over something, and you buy a second to prevent the fighting, the second better be EXACTLY the same or the fighting will intensify (no buying the red one because the yellow one was inexplicably $2 more).

Maxi dresses just do not work for me. Oh well, I've got nice legs.

Also, I don't get the harem pants trend. Didn't do it 20 years ago, not gonna start now.

Wonder if "natural" deodorant really works or do you end up smelling "natural" as well.

What are you wondering about today?


  1. Oh, man, I just reread a wrinkle in time and wished I hadn't. My memories of the book were so much better than the book itself. But one of my best friends loves the series and rereads it annually. DC1 read the first one recently and liked it. #2 on our blog put a post in our queue about 10 books we reread over and over, so that should be fun.

    "Is it rude for me, as a non-white person, to say "white people"?"
    No. Even though not all white people are alike, I think I can answer this one on behalf of white people. The white people who disagree are jerks. Privilege does that to us sometimes.

    Natural deodorant works great on the smell, not so well on the drippage.

  2. I'm not a maxi dress person either. I just think they make me look short.

  3. If the plural of goose is geese, why is the plural of moose not meese? Seriously. ;)

  4. = netflix for books! Also are you on goodreads?