Tuesday, November 8, 2016


While they no longer thought we were "boating" for "presents",  the boys were a little thrown off about going to the "bowling" (polling) place this morning.

I don't own a pantsuit. I showed up in sweaty post-work out gym clothes. We bundled the kids up in their PJs and stopped the whining temporarily with chocolate chip Clif bars and Doritos from the vending machine. We waited over an hour. I showed up to work tired, hungry, and 20 minutes late. But we did it.

B read out the names as I pushed the buttons and we both pushed the green VOTE button together at the end.

We voted our values--which include love and unity and equality and hard work and compromise. We believe a woman's place is anywhere she damn well wants to be and works hard enough to reach.  We believe in a leader we we are proud of and can explain to our children.

We are with her. And I'm so proud to have cast my ballot today. Lets make history.


  1. Nasty Women Vote :)

    I'm with you. And Her.

  2. YEAH!!! I mailed my ballot for convenience and bc I am on call today and I didn't want to lose that precious FL vote!! With her all the way, too.

  3. I wonder if you were in line with my sister.

    This election is making me so proud. So many people doing the right thing and making herstory!

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