Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss.


AKA what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck I can't even

AKA Like when you're all dressed up and excited for your anniversary dinner with America, thinking she's going to propose, and then she is all "we need to talk...its not you its me" and breezes out of there, leaving you with the check and no way home, devastated and betrayed.

AKA How do I explain this to my kids?

AKA Seriously...what the fuck? We must be living in the quite the bubble given how much this took everyone by surprise

AKA I don't actually want to move to Canada so what now?

AKA We didn't do enough. What can we do now? How can we stop this from happening again?

AKA How many days til I can have a cocktail? 

Hugs, hope, light and love to everyone. I will eventually be able to form more coherent sentences. Until then I am burying myself in work, and my kids, and really good books. Because life goes on, even when your heart is broken.


  1. The proposal metaphor: yes, that.

    How much hatred there is for capable women in this country.

  2. How much hatred there is for capable women in this country.

    For me, personally, that's the worst part. The stuff I see on a smaller scale all the time in my male-dominated field is now on a big-screen TV. And it's not just hillbilly hicks. Our colleagues down the hall don't think we are real capable professionals.

  3. I think we grossly overestimated how much everyone else thinks like us, and underestimated the distrust and hatred people have of hrc and the establishment. 😐

    1. In fact, only 6 people in my division voted for him. Bubble, anyone?

    2. My sister said the same thing of her department at work just outside of Philly. I live on the West Coast, so we were really in a bubble here, but Central PA, where I visited back in October, was a real eyeopener, and when I started being scared.

    3. yes, I definitely live in a bubble here. But even my friends in the south & Texas were against Trump. Even the friends & family who always go Republican. So I was in a really really big bubble. I couldn't think of a single person I knew more than in passing, that was voting for Trump

  4. Thank you. I think we all underestimated misogyny and racism, combined with a desire to smash the system no matter what. I am married to one of Trump's hated minorities in a red state, and am very scared for my family and our country's future. So unbelievably sad today:(