Friday, November 11, 2016

TGI f-ing F

Only 8.5 more hours until I sign out the service and walk out of here, to pick up B, walk the dog and finally finally sit down to a very very much needed glass of wine.

I am going off-line this weekend. I need a break. I vacillate between acceptance and anger (Noemi sums it up here). If you're ready to consider action read Cloud's thoughtful and logical action plan. I agree 100% with every word of it.

On the plus side: My grant is in great shape, and I'll be submitting for internal review today. Once I get the review back, I'll revise next week. The weekend is free! We have a sitter scheduled for Saturday. We haven't had a date night since August, so I'm very much looking forward to it. I have plans to work out both days and spend lots of time playing with the kids. B's into playing Monopoly now, and despite my issues with real estate moguls, I have to admit its pretty fun. Its going to be cool and sunny. We'll go to the library and the park. I'm going to bake something.

I'm still enjoying "A Gentleman in Moscow". Its not deep, but the language and the humor are charming and keeping drawing me in. Its a mostly happy book about human connections and finding your purpose, despite being set in a depressing political climate. My book club is going to see the movie of "A Man Called Ove" next week. I'm excited about this because 1) an outing! and 2) that story is so hopeful and soothing to my soul.

I hope you find something soothing to your soul this weekend. Back Monday.


  1. I love playing games with my daughter, and you give me hope that even more fun games than candy land may be in our future. Do you guys play clue? I remember really enjoying that one as a kid.

    1. strategy game that is super simple for kids to get (annabel likes it!) = Connect 4! She still gets mad when she loses though.

    2. OMG I freaking loved that game when I was a kid. Yeah, Dyl doesn't like to lose either, but I guess learning how to do that is part of growing up. :-)

    3. Oh yeah, connect 4 was a great one for 4-5 years old. I LOVED Clue as a kid. We don't have that one, and its not so fun with two people (L is not mature enough to play anything, really, yet).
      I NEVER "let" my kids win, they learn the art of losing pretty quickly (though B still has trouble sometimes, he eventually comes around "its just about having fun right? it doesn't matter who wins or loses?"