Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Upside Down

Title reference

As a wise man said, the sun will come up. It might have, but I couldn't see it through the clouds because yesterday loomed dark and rainy. When I picked B up from aftercare, I told him (with a smile), that the world was crying. He asked, "is it because Donald Trump won?" And I laughed, and said "no, sometimes everyone just needs a good cry. And rain is good for the plants and the earth". And then it all came tumbling out...

"A said that Donald Trump was going to hurt people. B said we should kill him. C said he hates girls and wants to hurts girls. D's mommy cried so much, she was still crying when she dropped her off. E said she is sad about moving to Canada, F is worried his aunt will have to go to her other country..." and so on

We tried really hard to keep our kids feeling innocent and safe. We never discussed the disgusting things that were said in this election. We kept things general, and let them know who we supported, and generally why, but I didn't want to shake my boys' innocence that most people are good (and the bad guys go to jail). It was really hard to reconcile, but I think we made it work while still being honest.

Until yesterday. When I had to reassure B with what was mostly a pack of lies. Checks and balances (ha). He'll get good, smart people around him (hahaha). Maybe he'll learn and change and grow (HA!...but maybe?). Its only for four years (truth). And that OUR focus would remain on kindness, and learning, trying to help others, and having fun along the way. That his friends would be OK, because us...the grown ups in the them all and will keep them safe.

And G and I talked more about this last night. This is OUR job. WE are the grown ups. We need to stand up, speak up, and fight for what we believe in...for ourselves and for our children. We are donating money, we'll be calling/emailing/writing our state and local representatives frequently. We are brainstorming places to volunteer our skills and time. We know we want to be more involved with the process than just showing up to vote next time.

I feel better today. A lot better, though there is still a deep undercurrent of sorrow and disappointment. Its helpful to have a plan and a focus for those feelings. The sun is up today.

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