Friday, November 4, 2016

Call Week Cluster$&#*

A call weekend/week is bad enough by itself but to top it off, next week we also have:
  • 2 days off of school for B (he will go to a "camp" at his aftercare place but it starts at 9)
  • End of Daylight Savings Time
  • A grant due on Friday
  • An abstract I'm writing with a fellow, due on Tuesday
  • G with work deadlines such that he'll have to work on the weekend and some evenings also
  • And oh yeah, the freaking ELECTION
 SO. There will be a lot of juggling and take out and a lot less routine and downtime then we are all used to.

The worst part of call for me is the uncertainty (and the sometimes overwhelming feeling of responsibility). I don't know what time I'll get home any day of the week. I don't know when I'll be woken up. Etc... Also there is a LOT more interpersonal challenge than I'm used to---talking to angry/upset/scared patients, dealing with trainees, negotiating with the primary team, nurses, and so on. My introverted self is FRIED by the end of the day.

To keep my sanity, I've got to focus on "self-care". I've come up with some goals:
  • Go to bed early! I've been terrible at this lately and paying for it. I am so tired today I can barely focus (I was woken up by something and couldn't go back to sleep last night, but I also went to bed later than I should have). I'll be much more focused, productive, and calm with enough rest
  • Fuel myself. I'm not one to "forget to eat"...EVER, but I sometimes don't make the time to eat right. I.e. grabbing junk (which recently has involved piles of leftover candy) instead of taking 2 minutes to scramble an egg or peel an orange. 
  • Exercise. This is tough. I have to go in early most days and it'll be hard to fit in, especially on the weekend. But I want to try to get ONE short run in this weekend, and make it to my workout class at least once this week. On top of that I'm going to make sure I walk---its supposed to be lovely weather and outside time is soothing for me. 
  • Plan & prep. I'm going to pick out my clothes tonight so I'm not fumbling around in the dark in the mornings. Its a bit challenging to find SEVEN professional yet comfortable outfits.  I already made our meal plan, and I'll complete the grocery list for G. I'm booking dog walking for every evening next week in case I'm home late.
  • Cut myself slack. Easy meals or take-out, messy house, screen time for the kids. I've basically told G I'll be out of the picture most of the weekend so he's planning to entertain the kids & get stuff done on his own.


  1. That sounds like a good plan. Going to bed early is especially key if you don't know when you might be woken up. That whole week sounds exhausting!

  2. Good for you for planning ahead.

    And if those 7 outfits don't include wearing the same pair of black pants at least 4 times, you're working too hard at it.

    I like the part about cutting yourself a good amount of slack too.

    Good luck with your week.

  3. Good luck with it! Sounds like you've got a solid strategy for dealing with a shitty week.

  4. I'm back on again for a week on Tuesday so we can suffer together :) agree w the black pants comment (and I even cheat w black skinny jeans ... daring someone to call me out on that!!). comfort is everything on call!! I think both of us just need to assume it will be intense and prepare accordingly (mentally and practically, including kid-coverage) and it will be ok!