Tuesday, November 1, 2016


For some reason, I've always had this idea of November as a cold, dark, dreary & dingy grey month. In fact, at least where we live now, its quite lovely---full of sunshine, fall colors, crisp but not freezing weather, and plenty of fun. Its time to embrace November.

I have committed to blogging every weekday. I really can't promise to write on the weekends, because I don't want to create a reason to spend time on my computer when I'm actually trying for the opposite! Plus we are going away one weekend and I'm not planning on bringing my laptop to a fun weekend away. I'll blog this weekend, since I'm on call and will be spending time on my computer anyways.

That makes 22 posts this month, which isn't quite 30 but is a lot more than the 3 or so I wrote last month.

What November has in store for me:
  • Weekend/week on call coming up. Will be re-reading these posts to help keep in a positive mindset.
  • Election Day. We will all go to vote in the morning. The kids will get it this time instead of being disappointed in the lack of "boating" and "presents". 
  • Grant deadline
  • Date night! Sitter already booked. We haven't had a night out since AUGUST
  • Weekend away to visit G's cousins
  • Thanksgiving. we are laying low, just the 4 of us at home again. I'm not really into traditional Thanksgiving food (turkey/stuffing/cranberry/pumpkin pie/blah). but its fun to do it with the kids.
  • Hopefully: lots of runs, board games, reading (I'm ditching A Fine Balance, I haven't picked it up in over a week, and really need to read something good to get back in the reading habit)
Happy new month! See you tomorrow.

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  1. Yay! Glad you decided to write more. Maybe it'll help motivate me, too. I have so many post ideas in my head, but have just gotten out of the habit.