Friday, May 1, 2020

May Gray Dismay

I always think of May as my favorite month; its my birthday month, near the end of the academic year, warm but not hot. But lately I've realized it often rains all the time, its super busy work-wise, and birthday-schmirthday.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my lower back seizing up, and I've been stretching and doing my PT exercises but it still hurts to sit (I'm standing, with the laptop on my dresser right now). And I'm worried its the running, because being outside, alone, feeling the wind on my face, is pretty much the highlight of my week lately. Oh aging. I honestly have been thinking I"m turning 43, and then quickly did the math yesterday. I AM 43, I've been 43 for 11 months now. Weird.

May Goals

1) Write a draft of this infernal f-ing manuscript
2) Plant seeds
3) Read/listen to 6 books
4) STOP eating/drinking after 7:30 PM Sun-Thurs  I feel like crap in the morning when I do this, and yet... (I'm leaving Fri/Sat open for dessert or wine if I want)
5) Run 65 miles (such a small increase, but enough to be a challenge)...assuming my back feels better soon.
6) Continue daily exercise/meditation/outside time


  1. I changed my Fb password to a random string and then erased it from my password bank. I could do the reset via email but for now it prevents me logging on and being consumed with rage every time I see "Massachusetts will track all new coronavirus cases.... with 1000 people working" or "My daughter had something in November and the doctor said it was bronchitis but I'm sure it was coronavirus" or anything about Trump....

  2. My mom had the same thing happen to her around that age (I think it was 42). She thought for basically a full year that she was 1 year younger than she was. I was the one who figured it out (for some reason I was doing the math on her age). I made a whole thing about it (I think I made posters? Obviously "a whole thing" when you're 12 is not really a whole thing). She thought it was great. She took a bunch of pictures and kept all the crap that I made to celebrate. I had forgotten about that until now. Thanks for reminding me of that!

    1. I guess its a rite of passage at this age? Its not a milestone and the dementia is JUST starting to set in (ha)

  3. One annoying af person at work commented he was so old this week (he is 37). It took a moment to remember I had, at the time, less than a week left of being 42. I forgot how old I was multiple times this year, and how old my husband is on a weekly basis. I blame the dementia.