Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I'm feeling better. Physically, that is. Mentally....meh. I've got a full day of patients ahead (and they seem to running late). Thanksgiving is always more fun in the anticipation than the execution. And I'm sort of annoyed about having to work on Friday.

I have posts ideas that I get excited about in my head, but when I sit down to write them I just freeze. It all seems very boring. Maybe I truly have nothing to say?

I realized I get a bit of FOMO around this holiday, seeing/hearing about everyone's big family gatherings. Its really stressful & expensive to travel this weekend; we prefer to save our energy/$ for a longer trip, and we don't live close enough to family to just drive down for a day. So its just the 4 of us, and we somehow still haven't quite hit the groove of a tradition. The idea of a big group gathered around a table loaded with food sounds so cozy and fun (in theory...I'm sure there is also a lot of drama as there tends to be when families unite).

Things I am legitimately looking forward to:
  • A glass of wine
  • Staying up a little late and watching an episode of our new show: Ozark. I like it so far though it is quite dark, and I feel the need to follow up an episode with a light-hearted comedy to clear my head.
  • Going on a (short, slow) run with B tomorrow morning. He was quite taken by the term "Turkey Trot". This will be my first exercise in about 4 weeks.
  • Biscuits for dinner tomorrow. (we are also having other stuff but the only thing I'm actually excited about is the biscuits). 


  1. oh man, our thanksgiving is so chaotic (like 60 people, every brand of extended family, and we actually go to TWO thanksgivings, agh) that I would looooove a nice relaxed one. it's also very funny that I used to LOVE coming down here during tgiving and new years for the weather and now i'm just jealous of everyone with actual seasons. sigh. human nature i suppose!

    maybe you guys need to make up a list of fun family traditions? (even if one is like - go to a kids movie!? movie theaters are pretty chill on holidays I think - we used to always go on Christmas!).

  2. PS also jealous of your WINE. 3 more weeks!

  3. Write all those posts - I’m eager to read them.

  4. "more fun in the anticipation than the execution" -- THIS is exactly how I feel about Christmas. I love,love,love Christmas Eve, but the morning of the big day always feels like such a letdown.