Saturday, November 11, 2017


Ummm. Sorry for the depressing, heavy post on a Friday. Shall we talk about clothes?

(click away if you aren't into the topic)

None of my pants fit anymore, literally falling off my hips as I walked around, necessitating constantly pulling them up so I didn't a) step on the hems or b) flash anyone.  I also realized I had  very few winter clothes. I was making do the past few winters, layering cardigans over tanks and tees, but sometimes you just want to wear a pair of pants and a sweater and be done with it.

So I've been doing some shopping. I mentioned I ordered a bunch of stuff and most of it has come in!

The winners were 4 pairs of the extreme stretch Columnist fit mid-rise "barely boot" pants from Express, in SHORT sizes (whoo hoo). Fit straight out of the box and work with flats and low heels, no need to hem! I got 2 kinds of gray, a navy, and black.

I also ordered several different kinds of gray booties, from Nordstrom and Anthro. I've already returned a couple to Anthro, and am debating between the other Anthro and the Nordstrom ones. I have black ankle boots and tan booties, so I think gray will round out my winter shoe needs.

Yesterday the package with OODLES of tops from Loft came in. Loft is really good at certain things, and I've always love their "interesting back" sweaters (pattern, bow, zip in the back of a plain-front sweater so its all "business in the front, party in the back") This season, they've also added in crazy sleeves. I'm not a huge fan of the crazy sleeves. I don't mind a subtle puff or ruffle or bell, but I got a couple of tops that were full-out clown and they are going back.

I realized I hate 3/4 length sleeves. My wrists get cold, and its hard to layer because the sleeves get pushed up to your elbows as you put on a cardigan. Blah. So I'm still working on the tops/sweaters situation.

Last but not least, I am going to buy myself my first ever pair of designer-ish (i.e. not from Express) jeans. I have one pair of Rag and Bone high rise skinny jeans to try on later today. (On sale, Nordstroms, under $100) If those don't work, I'm eyeing a Madewell high rise pair.

Maybe I'll come back and add some (non-affiliate, of course, duh) links but I'm out of time now!


  1. Our money Monday post is about shoes! (Spoiler: I love Pikolinos)

    I'm boycotting new jeans until skinny jeans are out of style again. If I were allowed, I would wear nothing but (1970s style) mumus. But like, with pockets.

    1. I work with someone who literally wears nothing but mumus. She is one of the loveliest people I've ever met, even if I don't love her fashion sense.

    2. It was YOU who got me hooked on pikolinos! I love those shoes. I found you can get lucky jeans online from amazon in non skinny jean styles recently. It made me so happy. 😊😊😊

    3. Pikolinos are the BEST! I love my new flats so much. It's like my feet are getting loving hugs while I wear them.

      I can't order expensive clothing online because if they don't fit I never ever send them back (or if I do, like with zappos which does super easy returns, there's a lot of stress around me getting around to sending them back). This is a character flaw of mine that I have tried and failed to change and have just given up on. But I'm glad there's designer jeans out there that are available for folks who aren't into skinny jeans. (I have no problem with other people wearing skinny jeans, I just really dislike wearing them and yearn for the return of comfy straight-legged boot cuts. Freedom! Space!)

  2. YAY for having to buy new pants because the ones you have are too big! The best reason to have to buy new pants!

    I'm having the opposite problem, not that anything is uncomfortable yet, but I'm definitely hang drying some jeans that used to go in the dryer. You know what I'm talking about...

    I haven't bought tops in a while, and I'm trying not to buy any for a little bit. I have NOT been on an almost two year shopping ban like you have... I have plenty for the time being.