Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Calling it...

OK. I admit to failure on the whole 30 posts in 30 days things. It was a noble attempt, and it did get me blogging more frequently so I guess it served its purpose even though I'll end up several posts shy of the goal.

The remainder of the long weekend was great. Low-key, because B got sick (and I've mentioned before how I might be terrible because I like my kids better when they are sick, right?) He just doesn't have the energy to be as big of a PITA as usual. We had an  unexpected date night (sitter who wasn't available became available and texted!) on Saturday, friends from out of town come for brunch on Sunday, got the Christmas decorations up, attended a birthday party, etc...

A lot of what's swirling through my mind these days is work-related, and I don't want to go there on the blog, so its hard for me to think of things to post. Its like a big huge elephant in the room is blocking my access to all the smaller more blog-appropriate animals (huh? OK I'll drop the analogy)

I have two evening outings this week, and planning something for next week and the week after. Its like feast or famine! For a whole month I was home every evening (and feeling blah about it) and now I feel like I won't be there for bedtime for a few days at a time...I actually canceled something I had planned on Thursday because 3 days in a row is a bit excessive even for someone who does like to socialize and avoid kids' bedtimes.

We got ranitidine for L yesterday (for what I strongly suspect is GERD) and he threw up immediately after taking it and refused to try again. I took it back to the pharmacy to have it flavored, but seriously, this stuff smells and tastes DISGUSTING. I'm not sure what to do...


  1. Can L take pills? Dyl recently started doing this and it's so much better than syrup. Syrup is nasty.

  2. I'm not going to make 30 posts in 30 days either! I have six left and there's no way I'll get anything written tomorrow and probably not on Thursday either.

    I love my sick kids when they're sick enough to be snuggly and low energy but not so sick they're vomiting or up all night.

  3. I'm 90% sure Tiny Boy was on a GERD medication (prilosec?) that I dissolved in a small amount of liquid. It was OTC...