Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Things I am Excited About

Continuing in the vein of positivity...

  • Trying out pizza & movie night this Friday
  • The new pizza place we will order from (exciting options)
  • Having a cocktail (or 2) on Friday after work
  • Working out Saturday morning (assuming my knee is still OK I will go to BodyPump, which is low impact repetitive weight training and should be fine for my back)
  • Making and eating soup this weekend (hope the butternut squash is still OK, its been a while...)
  • Arrival of new boots, sweaters, and pants I ordered online in a fit of retail therapy (and annoyance at nothing fitting)
  • Getting to watch a couple more episodes of Stranger Things with G 
 So...basically I am looking forward to this weekend.


  1. LG and I binged on Stranger Things this past week.... SO good.

  2. Sounds like a pretty great weekend ahead! I'd never watched Stranger Things before, but binge watched it all in the past 4 days when I couldn't sleep... Oops!


  3. I'm looking forward to finishing the Homeland series this weekend. Where I live, we have been blasted with winter. With the windchill it was minus 29 C (or minus 20 F). I was not ready for that. Soup and binge watching shows sounds great. Although it makes for some hard long days sometimes on the weekend when we stay in.

  4. yay for shopping! as usual i am thirsting for details (madewell? anthro?). not being able to shop is a major downside of pregnancy! ha.

  5. PS: once you're done with stranger things, I bet you would like Black Mirror!