Monday, November 6, 2017

One at a time

I try really hard to take each day as it comes, and appreciate the good parts and make it through the rest. One of the biggest changes in my mindset over the past few years has been learning not to automatically "count down" big chunks of my life, and also to let go of the pre-emptive worry and dread which basically doubles (if not triples) any given misery.

Most days do have some upsides. A really invigorating workout, a cozy moment with the kids, nice weather, getting to read a good book, a delicious meal, etc... I've gotten myself in the habit of noticing and writing down three good things each day. Sometimes that involves digging really deep. Ummm...the leaves look nice? I finished a lingering task?

Call weeks are when its hard to put this into practice. Call weeks where I can't work out and I'm in chronic pain and I'm attempting not to cope with carbohydrates and even the weather is gray and wet are even worse. Five more days. It was easy to wake up early this morning and I got some laundry done. The patient's family who yelled at us yesterday wasn't there during rounds today.  Its the little things.


  1. As I said in my email: CALL SUCKS. I'm fine with counting it down. Just not the rest of life :)
    3 more days. (and then Thanksgiving. sigh, maybe I'll go into labor by then. . .)

  2. I love your #3.

    Usually this exercise makes me feel better. There are times though, when I see how pathetic my "good things" are and it makes me feel worse. Then I feel guilty for feeling like things are going badly, because objectively we are doing great.


    What is it now for you, three more days?