Thursday, November 9, 2017

thursday Tidbits

  • Tidbits is a funny word. But I don't really care for the word "bullets" right now
  • I went to PT again today bodypump or barre for me for a few more weeks. Its not about the level of impact, its avoiding putting flexion on my spine, which squats apparently do. But I can do a short, non-early-morning run on Sunday if I'm feeling OK. Sigh. Trying to keep this in perspective but it is definitely getting me down.
  • B had been having trouble falling asleep at night, and his constant coming to find us to tell us about it was really messing with my evening relaxation and our couple-TV-time (its almost 9pm by the time we finish bedtime these days and I am done by then. DONE). So I got him a little adjustable book light that clips to his bedrail. We can adjust it so it doesn't bother L, and he reads away until he feels sleepy. I think reading in bed helps him wind down (duh) and also gives us back our evenings. Win win.
  • He's reading through the Magic Treehouse books. But they must be read in order, and the library had 6-9, and then 11-14. I have to hunt down 10. I think I can borrow from a neighbor. I better get on it, because he reads one per night and he'll need #10 on Saturday.
  • Exactly one year ago today was...not a good day. Can you believe its already been a year? that its only been a year? Sigh. 
  • B's teacher stopped me at drop off today to ask how things were going, and told me he seems to love writing. I was surprised to hear that because he complains about writing in his reading journal, but what you like to do in the middle of the school day and what you like to do at 7pm when your brother is playing Legos are obviously not always a perfect match. 
  • I told her that he went on and on about how FUN the math homework on Monday was. So she asked if he said the same about Wednesday's homework. Ummm....he told us he didn't have any, and he hadn't brought anything home. He also said that the teacher took the reading log out of his folder and he didn't have to do it that night...which, apparently also wasn't true. ADHD (and being 7 and having to remember things) is a bitch, but why you gotta lie, kid? just tell us you forgot it so we can start working on systems to help you remember!
  • Two more days of call. Its been the longest week eeeeeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr


  1. DC2 was doing the same thing with bedtime and I did something really similar-- I gave hir a flashlight. I also suggested practicing skip counting in lieu of counting sheep because it's a good thing to do even if she claims it doesn't make her sleepy (it does).

  2. I love that your son is actually reading Magic Treehouse books. My daughter will only listen to audiobooks, and she is back on The Boxcar Children, which drive me freaking insane. She listened to all the Nancy Drew Adventures and all the Hardy Boy Adventures and that was such a nice break from Boxcar (as she calls it) but now we are back. I really hope she starts actually reading books soon, because then she will have so many more options.

    I'm glad B reading gave you your evenings back. For us it's the little one who keeps interrupting us, so that is not an option. The Storyteller series helps (Disney movies made into book form, but with tons of dialogue from the actual movie dispersed throughout -- available on Spotify), but he is still up for HOURS after bedtime, asking for us to come in a million times. He isn't waking up in the night anymore, so I'm trying to count myself lucky, but damn I'd love to have my evenings back. I think that won't happen until he's not napping anymore, which seems a ways away.