Friday, November 3, 2017

Yay November!

I've unfairly harbored a mental association of November with dark, gloomy and dreary. In reality, its a lovely month, mild in weather, yet encompassing all that is good about fall.  So I'm trying to switch my mindset and embrace the month.

Alas, I'm on call this weekend/next week and I'm also trying to be more cheerful about that, as well. Not quite "Yay call!" but at least looking forward to some aspects of the weekend.

Things I am looking forward to in November:
  • Sister visit which is always SO fun for the kids. Nothing beats cousins.
  • Low key Thanksgiving
  • A break from our kids' activities
  • Soup! Chili! 
  • A date night or two I'm trying to set up
  • Perfect outdoor running weather
 Things I will try to do this weekend if call schedule allows:
  • Run
  • Plant spring bulbs
  • Make butternut squash soup (we have the squash already)
  • Watch a couple of episodes of Stranger Things with G
  • Read more of my book (The Girl with All the Gifts). Its weird and a bit creepy but also enthralling so far. I have no idea where it will go.
Back tomorrow!


  1. hi, call buddy :)

    i'm sure your call is 9000 times worse than mine but god DAMN i've had a ton of call recently! blahhhh. hope yours is okay!!

  2. Have a good call weekend. I am really, really glad that this isn't a call weekend for me.

    Also, do you have any favourite soup recipes to share? I'm always looking for new ones to try.