Tuesday, November 21, 2017


So I said I felt great yesterday, but alas. That mildly queasy feeling I had in the morning that I thought was just a lingering side effect of the weekend's excess turned into a full out yucky GI illness.

I really wanted to go home but the housekeepers were there, so I just slumped on my desk and waited until time to leave, answering emails/phone calls sporadically as necessary. The evening was useless. I managed just enough energy to cajole the kids through their homework and eat some toast before I crashed into bed, lying awake as waves of nausea/cramps kept coming & going.

I feel tentatively OK today. I'm sipping tea and prioritizing. I do have to give a talk to the fellows at noon which I can't reschedule. I have a long overdue grant closeout to complete (I had my part done on time but was waiting on a letter from someone who apparently was out on leave and not checking email). I have crackers & soup & fizzy water and I will get through the day. I'm hoping I feel all better by Thursday because G brought home a freaking turkey and I need to do my part in eating some of it!


  1. Oh god turkey day with a gi bug = the WORST. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh this sounds terrible! I hope you feel better soon.