Monday, May 18, 2020


Last week was a real doozy. Apparently I'm being thrown into my leadership role before the official start date, and in the middle of a real cluster of a planning crisis. And I don't actually have the administrative time carved out to actually do this stuff, so I was just working all the time and letting other things get way behind (writing!).

Took the weekend completely off from doing or thinking about work and it was very refreshing. Ran a hot and sweaty (and very slow) 7 miles on Saturday (it was a full 40 degrees warmer than it was the prior Saturday, that is nuts!) which wiped me out for a lot of the day. A much cooler long family bike ride on Sunday---to and from a mostly-socially-distanced play date (and OMG it was amazing to talk to people in person, and L was in HEAVEN running around with his BFF). And finding every spare minute I could (and completely ignoring my family for large periods of time) to finish my favorite brain candy audio book ever---Red, White, and Royal Blue. Not for everyone, but it made me ridiculously happy. And the usual---lots of take out and wine and snacks and movies and games and puzzles.

And now back to the work week, and alarms, eating salads, cooking healthy meals and discipline. I need another fun book to listen to---any recommendations?


  1. Re: last week — but did you like it?

    1. Yes and no? I did like it but I didn't like it being unceremoniously dumped into my lap when I have OTHER priorities to get through. I just felt like I was falling further and further behind on writing and other research-related tasks (IRB continuing review due this week, a proposal needing to be finalized).

    2. Maybe reframe? If you're so busy that you can't possibly get everything done, someone must really value your contribution? Sounds exciting though!

  2. It's not very fun but I've re-read my favorite last week, Siddhartha. I found a lot of wisdom in it.