Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What Can I Do?

Is the question I was asked about a million times over the past 4 days. The long weekend made me realize that as annoying as on-line school can be, the structure and time/attention that it takes is REALLY ESSENTIAL for my children. Now I am dreading summer.

Anyways, we made it through the long weekend (and it makes me sad to "make it through" what is usually my favorite time of year) and I had a birthday and got mopey and morbid, and now I'm back to work and its...fine.

Its all fine.

Friday I go back into clinic to see patients for the first time since March. Are the patients going to show up? Who knows! Its so unclear! I have a mix of video visits and in-person visits, but has anyone clarified with the patients and confirmed they are actually driving into campus to see me?
I guess we shall see.


Car and pedestrian traffic is looking pretty much like pre-pandemic levels. People are starting to gather, even though we are still technically in "red", once they announced we are moving to "yellow" in June---without even knowing if our cases are truly falling into the previously determined yellow zone yet (they aren't as of today).




  1. Yeah....I'm interested to see how the next month goes. Our case numbers in the state are really low comparative to what they were. I have no doubt that it will turn once people start going back to their normal routines. I suspect my *town* will be largely spared because students are gone (so total population is way down from normal).... but I don't know....

  2. I'm planning on making Dylan continue to do school this summer. What the heck. She'll get up at 8, do Kahn Academy, piano, writing, and reading. I am really hoping to be able to take her to riding lessons. I also plan to take her with me if we have to go to Michigan to find another house, and maaaaayyyybe will visit the grandparents in CT so that if they die this Fall it won't have been over a year since I saw them last.


    I guess we'll find out if the lack of distance is going to bite us in the ass in a few weeks....

  3. Hijacking comment thread to say OMDG, feel free to email me at gwinne (at) yahoo. I know a thing or two about the mitten state :)

  4. And also Ana, happy birthday! somehow I missed that detail :)