Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Before I sat down at my desk today at 10:15 I: ran 5 miles, meditated for 10 minutes, baked 2 loaves of sourdough (the baking is the easy part, I did the hard part of building/shaping dough yesterday), did a load of laundry, walked B to the orthodontist and back (he FINALLY got his palate expander out and he is SO HAPPY to eat popcorn again), sent 5 emails to work out scheduling conflicts this week and set up my first in-person clinic later in the month, and helped L work through his big feelings about B getting a "prize" (candy) from the orthodontist when he NEVER gets ANYTHING and when can HE get something special. 

Oh, and I ate about 1/4 of the hot, fresh sourdough loaf with a thick layer of salted butter and it was FANTASTIC. 

And now I am tired and need a break :)

But in the next 2 hours I am supposed to: write 2+ paragraphs of manuscript, review accepted paper for edits/errors before finalizing, and write up a short "lay person" paragraph about my specialty clinic for our division website. 

And here comes L again, up 3 flights of stairs holding his laptop open to "participate" in his class meeting but actually whining some more about B's candy (I better go make sure he's on mute).

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